Importance of Exercise

Welcome to the Northwood MSK physio clinic’s first official blog.

At the Northwood clinic we have a responsibility to provide treatments and rehabilitation with robust evidence and research to advocate their use. We will hopefully introduce new concepts via our blog so that our clients have access to current concepts and practices.

In our first blog I would like to talk about everything exercise. This is not now an option in maintaining a healthy lifestyle this is essential to living longer and reducing the risk of serious disease. Today the World health organisation reported a Pandemic of inactivity increasing disease risk worldwide. Further evidence published in the Lancet journal of medicine reported that exercise is the key component to combating the big ‘5’ diseases in the western world which include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, high blood pressure and breast and colon cancer.

It is time that unhealthy levels of inactivity be abolished, and society provide adequate facilities for all. There is a strong case for exercise to be a compulsory part of society in the western world as the increasing burden on our failing health care system can no longer continue to provide optimal care for preventable disease. As a health care professional, it is my responsibility to report the effect of exercise in relation to injury prevention, rehabilitation and chronic pain.

Those that wish to engage in exercise as part of their recovery have better outcomes and achieve more. The ‘can do ‘approach is still the most important factor in recovery and is a far more powerful component than any, specialised exercise machine, the latest diet fad or fancy massage roller.

I for one welcome the day the we combat levels of inactivity and adopt principles that our European neighbours seem to do so well. You only need to look at how Denmark combat childhood obesity and how the Netherlands protect the right to cycle. Physical medicine is the future or modern medicine and we all need to be many steps ahead of the game.